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Everyone wants to build great products. It’s good for your users, and that’s good for you. However, the path to truly understanding your users and what makes a product great for them is not easy, so most companies rarely do it.

We’re building a platform that makes talking to your users as easy as possible and helps you make sense of the insights you gather. We don’t just want to make life easier for user researchers; we want to improve how product teams function end-to-end: from discovering a problem to researching it, all the way to finding a solution and measuring its impact.

Our team

Ragnar Vorel


Designer. Early design hire at zeroheight where he built tooling for design ops. Before that at Palantir, Wise and carwow.

Andy Jones

Andy Jones


Software engineer. Previously built financial software for SMEs at Growth Street, accounting tooling for self-employed people at Coconut and infrastructure for fintech companies at Teller.

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