Meet your new research assistant

Spend less time managing research and more time doing it by letting Fern take care of the admin.

Why Fern?

Fern is a UX research management platform designed to dramatically speed up the user research process for busy product teams so that you can build a deeper understanding of your users faster.

Centralized research CRM

A research panel that never goes stale and is automatically up to date. Always know who you’ve spoken to, when, and about what. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets!

Flexible user segmentation

Slice and dice your customer data based on any attribute. There is no need to go to the data team whenever you want to reach out to a new set of users.

Simple outreach automation

Automate research outreach and easily keep track of all that matters: open rates, clicks, scheduled interviews, opt-outs, and much more.

On the roadmap

We’re only just getting started, and we have a lot planned to improve UX research workflows for teams big and small

  • CRM integrations (HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Built-in interview scheduling
  • Advanced outreach automation (reminders, followups, etc.)
  • More advanced segmentation (via Segment integration)

Ready to start talking to your users?

Get to insights faster and build products your users will love.